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                  About Zeli
                  Located in Guangzhou Science City where many hi-tech enterprises are gathered, Guangzhou Zeli Pharmaceutical Technology Co. , Ltd. (“Zeli”) was established in 2004. The Company is committed to studying whole-component low-temperature instantaneous extraction technology of traditional Chinese medicine, natural animals and plants, and supplying professional and accurate whole-component extracts and relevant health products. Zeli has developed a set of HHLSE whole-component low-temperature instantaneous extraction technology and complete automatic intelligent equipment (“HHLSE”) with independent intellectual property rights (IPR). Based on HHLSE technology, we have established Innovation Center, Testing Center of Foods for Special Medical Purpose and new modern scientific and technical industry bases. In a word, Zeli is a global competitive high-tech enterprise. Adhering to the overall health preservation concept of traditional Chinese medicine that has been carried forward for thousands of years, we have innovated and developed over 400 “medicine-food homologous” product formulas and provided stable and controllable industrial raw materials for traditional Chinese medicine, health care products, foods, cosmetics, daily necessities and other industries at home and abroad.
                  • 1000
                    1,000 m2 10000-grade Cleanliness Trial
                    Pilot Trial Tech Research Lab/Workshop for Extraction
                  • 50
                    Over 50 national/provincial/ministerial/municipal innovative projects undertaken/participated
                  • 16
                    Over 10 years of experience in R&D of traditional Chinese medicine
                  • 200
                    Over 200 “medicine-food homologous” health foods
                  • 400
                    Product database with more than 400 mature formulas
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