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                  Introduction to equipment
                  • Core Technology
                    Full ingredients extraction technology: independently developed "High-efficiency High-pressure Low-temperature Continuous Extraction Separation Technology and Equipment" (HHLSE), is the unique integrated automatic equipment in China;
                    Clean production engineering technology without emission: Wastewater reuse, condensate water collection, solvents recycling, waste residue recycling, waste heat recovery, intelligent production etc.
                    Standard Compound Technology: Integrated fingerprint quality assessment, completely physical separation membrane purification, compression recovery, low-temperature physics sterilization technology, the stability of controlling the extracts production more than 95%.
                  • Technology Features
                    1. Highly Integrated: Extraction, microfiltration, ultra filtration, concentration, CIP, temperature control and automatic control fully integrated in a single equipment, can be vehicle-mounted, conducive to the deep processing; floor space of facility less than 1/10 of traditional equipment, reducing the auxiliary energy consumption.
                    2. Processize: Fully automated process from feedstock to production, the whole process automatic monitoring is more than 100 points, adopting PLC program automatic operation which conforms to modern industry development.
                    3. Cleaner Production: Whole procedure processing in clean production area, improve the safety of products, especially for food, cosmetics and other fast moving consumer goods.
                    4. Energy saving: Compared with the traditional equipment, HHLSE saved 70% energy (coal gauge). The dregs can reach micron level, used as quality raw materials for the cosmetic masks, high-fiber food, feed and bio-organic fertilizer, 95% extraction solvent recycled.
                  And Hercules Development Course
                  In the future, Helishi equipment will be upgraded to a mobile workshop, close to the origin of genuine medicinal materials, in the field at any time to collect extract, access to high-quality Chinese medicine, natural animal and plant extracts.
                  And the LUX mobile shop
                  • 产业升级
                  • 盈利和抗风险能力
                  • 食品安全
                  • 产业优势
                  • 成本优势
                  • 差异化
                  • 创新性
                  • 云端控制 智慧生产
                    本系统采用物联网云端远程控制装置,所有的业务和生产指令由广州泽力总部从云端下发指令到设备端,实现远程控制。可以高效配置生产资源... 实时管控生产流程,生产数据智能分析,指导生产、发现问题,利用数据驱动“智造”,打造未来的智造工厂。
                  • 产地采收 即时加工
                    水果、中药材的产地较为集中,种植面积通常由几万亩至几十万亩不等,采收期集中在1-2个月,大量的水果、中药材采收之后必须得到及时的加...工处理,才能保持原物的质量与功效。根据预计的采收量,可以提前调动几十至上千台第四代和力士 ,集中去到采收点,快速完成大规模的加工生产。
                  • 车载移动 集中规模
                    第四代和力士 低温瞬提成套智能装备(以下简称“第四代和力士 ”),包括主机、辅助设备、洁净车间三大部分,按集装箱规格,集成工艺...
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